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H.U.T.S. Update from Harold Wallin

The HUTS project has been both fulfilling and gratifying on so many levels. We have worked on this  project with people throughout the community, housed and homeless, to make the HUTS a reality. Volunteers from 20 to 85 years old lent a hand to complete them and in so doing gave their testimony  to the inherent goodness of Santa Rosa citizens.

It was hard work to finish all ten HUTS, and yet finding a place to set them up has been more difficult. Currently we have two locations for the HUTS, with six placed, and are looking for another. 

We are happy to say both locations were made better by having the HUTS there. Despite common fears  based on stereotypes, the HUTS have caused no problems. Those who have used the HUTS have proved to  be good neighbors. For those using them, having one of the HUTS to call home has greatly increased  their quality of life. We have all learned a lot from this project. Homeless Action! is currently  planning to build more alternative shelters for homeless people, using our experience to do better  and more. It seems that October has come to be our natural time to think of building!

We want to again thank all donors to this project. It just can’t happen without financial support.  We will stay in touch about our next build.

If you'd like to donate to our larger Homeless Action!  effort, please make a check out to the Peace and Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa,  CA 95401, putting "Homeless Action!" in the memo line.

With much appreciation.
Homeless Action! Member


H.U.T.S. Update from Adrienne Lauby, Homeless Action!

Six of our HUTS have found homes. Five others await a welcoming location.

There are two clusters, one is small with two HUTS and hosted by The Living Room, a day center for  homeless and at risk women and children. The Living Room provides the space, a porta potty and the program clients who become their HUTS guests. The other cluster has four HUTS and a porta potty shared with Safe Parking guests. Homeless Action! retains possession of these and does the day-to-day work as needed. We have three guests who seem to be long term and another who is sleeping in her HUT for the first time this week. They have proven fairly simple to maintain. The neighboring folks have been wonderfully supportive.

While we feel sad that five of the HUTS are languishing while so many people are homeless, we also feel great that the HUTS that are in use provide something stable and important to our homeless guests who have been able to take advantage of them. If you are interested in hosting a HUTS or a cluster of HUTS, we can arrange for you to talk to current participants and property owners.

Homeless Action! (707) 742-3733


Homeless Action! meets regularly on Monday mornings at 9:30 am at the First United Methodist Church, McMullin Rm, 1551 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, and on the 3rd Thursday evening at 7 pm at the Palms Inn, 3345 Santa Rosa Av, SR. Contact us to confirm because sometimes stuff happens.

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