2017 Sonoma County Homeless Resource Guide              

   Alcohol & Drug Recovery
   Birth Certificates & Photo IDs
   Cell Phone Plans

   Coordinated Entry System

   Counseling & Mental Health
   Day Centers
   Dental Care
   Disability Services
   Emergency Shelters & Services
   Employment & Training
   Farm Worker Services
   Financial Assistance
   Food: Groceries & Hot Meals
   Health Care
   Homeless Court
   Legal Services
   Permanent Housing Assistance
   Permanent Supportive Housing
   Pet Care
   Senior Services
   Transitional Housing
   Transportation & Paratransit
   Veterans Services
   Youth Services
   24 Hour Hotlines




"Homeless Talk - Citywide Conversations: Visions for Change" is based on approximately 1300 comments recorded in small group discussions with 500 people in Santa Rosa, describes an untapped reservoir of goodwill toward homeless people in the city. It offers strong thinking about such things as jobs, mental health, safety and housing.

“Now, because of the fires, we have a unique opportunity for the “pre-fire” homeless community to  benefit from the resources, and public goodwill marshaled in response to the fires,” said Pat Kuta, one of the authors of the report. “It will take our best thinking, so hopefully this report will provide a jump start.”

“I was impressed by the number of people who are thinking outside the box about homelessness,” Kuta continued. “Whether they talked about sanctioned encampments or homeless-based cottage industries, it seems clear there is support for projects with a different frame of mind.”

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Homeless Action! (707) 742-3733

Facebook: http://bit.ly/HomelessA

Homeless Action! meets regularly on Monday mornings at
9:30 am at the First United Methodist Church, McMullin Rm, 1551 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, and on the 3rd Thursday evening
at 7 pm at the Palms Inn, 3345 Santa Rosa Av, SR. Contact us
to confirm because sometimes stuff happens

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